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Bien-Aime' Strength & Stretch Studio focuses on strength. Muscular strength is very important for your overall health and fitness. Adequate levels of strength are necessary to perform your daily routines at home and work, without excessive fatigue or stress. Higher levels of muscular fitness also reduce the incidents of lower back pain and injury to the muscularskeletal system. Strong muscles also help your cardiovascular system in sustaining physical activity.

Improving Your Strength

Like all other organs and systems of the human body, muscles have to be taxed beyond their regular accustomed loads to increase in physical capacity. A combination of resistance, number of sets and frequency involved in increasing strength.





Bien-Aime' Strength & Stretch Studio focuses on flexibility. Flexibility is the ability to move a joint fluidly through its complete range of motion, and is important to general health and physical fitness. Flexibility is reduced when muscles become short and tightened with disuse causing an increase in injury and strains. Those with greater flexibility may have a lower risk of future back injury. To improve your flexibility, Bien-Aime Strength & Stretch Studio will design a specific stretching routine that you should follow four times per week. Aging decrease the elasticity of soft tissue, decrease flexibility in both males and females. The biggest contributors to loss in flexibility are sedentary living and lack of physical activity.


Controlling Body Fat: The basic cause of excess weight and obesity is an energy imbalance in the body. Bien-Aime' Strength & Stretch Studio can design the proper nutrition program to help you lose weight in a healthy manner. Bien-Aime' Strength & Stretch Studio will also design the proper exercises to help lose weight and build new muscle. To avoid muscle loss they will develop a balanced diet and meal plan along with a cardiovascular and strength program. Another benefit that Bien-Aime' Strength & Stretch Studio offers is the proper cardiovascular fitness program. This program is designed to supply more oxygen to the working muscles, most importantly the heart and lungs.


Blood Pressure:  Bien-Aime' Strength & Stretch Studio can help design the proper aerobic exercise, stress management, and diet to help lower high blood pressure.

If you are concerned about your image  Bien-Aime' Strength & Stretch Studio can design a program to increase lean body mass which decreases body fat and improves ones production of energy and improve overall healthier body structure. 

Improve Performance: If you are seeking to increase your speed, power, agility, and vertical jumping ability, Bien-Aime' Strength & Stretch Studio can develop an intense program for the competitive athlete from ages 8-80.

Stress:Stress is shown to cause stroke, heart attack, and ill health. Bien-Aime' Strength & Stretch Studio can design a breathing, relaxing, exercise regiment to decrease daily stress and tension.

Nutrition: If you need to know what to eat to achieve your fitness goals,Bien-Aime' Strength & Stretch Studio can design a menu plan and eating regiment based on your individual needs and aspirations.